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DIY Credit Restoration Services

Harbor Investment Group

One of the Highest Rated in Southern California backed by the Better Business Bureau

Leading you to financial freedom

Harbor Investment Group has been assisting clients in regaining financial independence since 2018. We understand that monitoring your credit is never easy, but we are here to assist you every step of the way. We will assist you with credit debt counseling.

Credit Building Consultants

Harbor Investment Group’s staff will answer all of your questions about understanding your credit report. We also provide guidance on how to build and maintain a positive credit history.

Clear Communication

Our company will walk you through the process and respond to your questions as soon as possible.
We work thoroughly and diligently to understand each specific case and find even more ways to help our clients improve their DIY credit score journey.
$ 0
Average debt in collections many americans experience
0 %
100+ fico increase after 6 months with Harbor Investment Group Consultantion
1 in 5 find error in report with all 3 credit bureaus
You Challenge
We assist you in challenging questionable negative items at all three credit bureaus by reviewing your report to ensure accuracy.
You Dispute
We assist you in writing professional letters that you send to all three creditors to verify the accuracy of the information provided.
Anything that cannot be verified must be removed by law.
You Repair
We will monitor your credit profiles every 30-45 days and assist you in resolving any issues until you reach your goal. When you sign up, you will gain access to credit monitoring software that will allow you to track the progress of your credit score.
eBook for credit restoration services

DIY Credit Restoration

$189 Sign-up fee
$ 98 Monthly
  • Financial Literacy Consultation
  • Credit Monitoring Portal
  • Submit Dispute Letters Workshops
  • Monthly Meetings